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Skin Conditions

Learn more about your skin and some of the conditions our Dermatology team regularly diagnose and treat.

Skin problems vary widely in symptoms and severity. But it can be difficult for patients to distinguish between groups of conditions with similar symptoms.

Use the condition finder to learn more about skin conditions and how we can help.

These pages are for information only, for medical advice or diagnosis, please see a specialist.

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Acne affects some individuals well into their adult life and can be both irritating and affect self esteem.

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Dermatitis refers to a group of similar conditions that affect around 20% of the population.

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Keloid Scars

Instead of fading over time, keloid scars continue to grow and become painful.

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Milia Leeds Bradford


Milia are small white or flesh-coloured bumps on the skin around the eyes.

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The most common type of skin lesion. Most people have at least one mole on their skin.

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A common skin condition, often found on the elbows, knees and scalp. It affects around 1 in 40 of the population. 

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What is rosacea? Rosacea is a common condition found on the face. It is a chronic (long-term) inflammatory condition that most often affects the delicate skin around the cheeks and nose.  Typical symptoms of rosacea include redness, bumps (papules and pustules, visible blood vessels and irritated skin. Rosacea is common in both men and women. […]

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Scabies is a condition where tiny mites burrow under the skin, leading to an itchy rash. It has become more common in recent years and is spread through contact and shared clothing and towels.

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Seborrhoeic Warts (Keratosis)

A commonly seen skin lesion, often brown and scaly. Frequently found in increasing size or numbers in older patients.

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Skin Tags

A distinctive and easily treatable skin lesion which protrudes outwards from the skin.

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