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Cyst Removal: “I can’t explain the difference in my confidence”

Cyst Removal from Forehead Before and After Skin Surgery Clinic Yorkshire

Our patient had found it difficult to get help through the stretched NHS, and got in touch with our surgical team instead.

“I had a cyst on my forehead, which my GP couldn’t remove.

They couldn’t remove this as it was on my head. I was referred to [NHS] Surgery who couldn’t help, then I was told I would be referred to Plastic Surgery or Maxillofacial Surgery, both of which would have a further long wait to be seen before treatment.

Your service was different – an online form allowed me to sent my details and picture to assess if you could help, before wasting a journey as I’d had with General Surgery. The booking, information and access was so easy. The clinic was friendly and really explained the process and made me feel totally comfortable and at ease.

I had an appointment for my procedure 48 hours after completing my form to enquire. The surgeon on the day, despite finding my removal more tricky than expected, assured me it was still possible and both him and the nurse we amazing!

It’s been life changing!! To have a prominent lump on your forehead for a number of years and thinking that no solution can be found without a long wait and taking up a slot on a potentially urgent waiting list, and have it be resolved quickly was more than I could hope for. Also for a really reasonable price.

I can’t explain the difference in my confidence. People now tell me how much they did notice my lump before and what a difference it has made to my look and my attitude.”

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