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Eyelid Surgery: “I feel like a different person”

Eyelid Lift Leeds Bradford before and after Lorna D

Lorna had eyelid lift surgery with Mr Bains in Summer 2022. After her eyelids had healed, she shared her story and final results with us.

“I chose blepharoplasty now because my eyelids had become extremely hooded and it was impacting my vision and self confidence.

I chose SSC because of the excellent reviews, and also I had knowledge of Mr Bains previously. Booking was so easy, I phoned up to make an appointment and reception staff were helpful, friendly and professional.

In my consultation, Mr Bains was lovely, thorough and explained everything about the procedure. I felt completely at ease.

On the day of surgery I was nervous about my procedure, but the staff were amazing, welcoming and put me at ease. From reception to surgeon, everyone was amazing.

Afterwards, I was looked after very well indeed. Regular telephone calls, lots of advice. I have recovered fully now after three months of painless recovery period.

Now I feel absolutely amazing, like a different person.”

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