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Lipoma Removal: “It makes me so happy that the lump is no longer there”

Cyst Removal Before After Julie

Julie had a lipoma above her eye. While it was partly obscured by the muscles of her forehead, she had begun to notice it affecting her self confidence and decided to visit our clinic to explore the option of removing it surgically.


I started to feel a small lump which was quite hard about 6 years ago, it didn’t grow to much over that time but it started to make me feel slightly self-conscious. I spoke to my GP who said it felt like a cyst and if I wanted it removing it would be a simple surgery, so I started to think about getting it removed. I started to do some research on local places that would be able to remove this for me when I came across Skin Surgery Clinics website.

When looking through the website I saw they had some really positive reviews and were rated 4.9/5 on an independent review platform they were also informative and you could even watch their plastic surgeons perform the different surgeries they offer. To start the process I took a current photo and filled out the online consultation form which is very simple to do. A nurse called me within a couple of days and I had an appointment book a couple of weeks later.


Day of Surgery

I was a little nervous on the day at the clinic but the staff was very nice and Mr Williams the Surgeon was so reassuring, putting me at ease explaining the procedure before, during and I was informed at every step through.

The surgery was painless once the anaesthetic had been injected, that was a little sore and stingy, all I could feel was pushing and pulling. I found the procedure to be very quick and I was surprised at how easily it was removed. Once lump was removed Mr Williams informed me it was a small Lipoma that was up against my skull. Mr Williams then proceeded to stitch me back up and place a flesh coloured dressing on it so it wasn’t very noticeable at all.

1-before 1

Day after surgery

The area is a little tender today after surgery. I am finding it uncomfortable when I raise my eyebrows. This is due to the fact the lipoma was removed just above my eyebrows so every time they move it is moving the wound.

I have also woken up with a little bruise inside my eye sockets.

2- day after

Stitch removal

I had my stitches removed 7 days after the procedure. It was painless and over in a few minutes and I had a look at how well it had healed, I was shocked. Even the nurse said it was healing so well.

4-7days after

1 month after

With the lump removed I feel so much more confident. Although the lump was very noticeable to others it felt and looked very obvious to me and it makes me so happy that the lump is no longer there. Mr Williams did an amazing job, you can hardly see my scar and it just blends into the creases on my face. I now can apply my makeup and feel like I used too and I am so pleased to feel me again.

Thank you so much to everyone at Skin Surgery Clinic and Mr Williams. You were incredible from start to finish and I am so so happy with my new forehead.

6 - 4 weeks after

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