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Skin Cancer: “Get it checked. You’re important.”

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“Sometime after having Ollie, I noticed a weird patch of skin behind my left ear. I shrugged it off but noticed it wasn’t healing or going away. I thought I must get that checked, but as always, life gets busy, and I didn’t put myself at the top of my priority list. 14 months later, it’s now the start of September this year. I was cuddled up on the couch watching @mymumyourdaduk, and one Dad on the programme was talking about the sad loss of his wife. She sadly passed away unexpectedly, and the cause ended up being due to skin cancer behind the ear that had spread to the brain. I instantly thought of the patch of skin behind my ear and called my GP first thing the next morning for an appointment. In my gut, I sought of already knew what it was. Maybe this was the real reason for putting it off for so long. The GP decided to send off for an urgent dermatologist referral due to two red flags; the non-symmetrical raised waxy looking border and the visible red blood vessels. Fast track to two weeks later, I am at Clatterbridge Hospital with the dermatologist doctor confirming I have skin cancer and will need surgery to remove it, but there’s a three month wait. Expect a letter in the post. Since the diagnosis, mentally, I have been struggling. I did phone my GP and explain how I was feeling over a telephone appointment as that’s all they could offer me. But again, there was no follow-up. I felt quite alone in it. My babies and my dance school really have helped keep me sane. Now, I’m bringing you to this Monday, 27th November. After still no letter arriving in the post and no further communication with my GP or hospital since the diagnosis. I decided to chase both up in regards to my surgery referral to be told very rudely by both. They don’t know where my referral is up to, but expect a six month wait from now. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I decided to look into private care and have the “when there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude. This is when I found the @skinsurgeryclinic in Leeds. Sometimes, the universe speaks so loud to you that you can’t ignore it. This was one of these moments.

My gut said “ring them” after reading amazing reviews and success stories on their website. So I did, they offered me a consultation for the next day (being today) and they just happened to have had a surgery cancellation in the afternoon that they could offer me. I listened to the universe and said yes please. Thankyou Lord for hearing my prayers.

Because today, I can finally say, I have had the surgery I needed and it all went smoothly. The patch of skin has now been sent off for histology, and in 2-4 the surgeon will call me to say its all been removed successfully. It’s been a long nearly four months of health anxiety, overthinking and stress, but I am grateful for it putting life into perspective and to remember time is a gift, always live life to your fullest, never take anything for granted and spend as much time as you can with the people you love.

I cannot thank my amazing husband, my two babies and family enough for their love, support and reassurance. Also thank you to my dancers/faculty team who didn’t know what was happening but helped me more than they know by just being them, and making me smile everyday. I love you all tremendous amounts.

P.S. If your putting off getting something checked, get it checked. You’re important.”

Update post surgery!

“Mama is in the all-clear ✨️

My surgeon called this morning from @skinsurgeryclinic with my histology results. They confirmed the patch of skin behind my ear, which has been removed, was skin cancer. But, he was happy to let me know it was all removed and that the surgery was a success, and there’s no need for a second surgery or follow-up. I now just need to look after the scar as it takes 18 months for a scar to mature fully and be very cautious looking after my skin in the sun moving forward.

Prayers have been answered, and the main thing I wanted from this year on my vision board has just been ticked off this morning. Here’s to 2024, health and happiness. I am so happy right now! A weight has well and truly been lifted. Feeling very blessed.”

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