Mole Mapping in Leeds

Cutting edge computer-aided mole mapping and dermoscopy, offering complete peace of mind by identifying changes in your skin early.

Most of us have moles on our skin. One of the key indicators that a mole is of concern is if it has recently changed. But as we have numerous moles it can be difficult to keep an eye on this over time, particular in areas that are difficult to see.

Mole Mapping is the most accurate and efficient way to screen your skin and monitor your moles. Skin Surgery Clinic is the only clinic in Yorkshire to have the specialist technology to carry out this service.

Mole Mapping in Leeds, Bradford and Yorkshire
Our Mole Mapping equipment

What is Mole Mapping?

Mole Mapping removes the guesswork from monitoring your skin.

Your initial appointment will be for 30 minutes and it will include an initial consultation, an assessment and then mole mapping images taken. Our automated scanning system images your skin at up to 150x magnification. Moles, lumps and lesions are identified, measured and recorded. At this point, moles of immediate concern will be identified and treatment pathways discussed with you.

Often there will also be some moles that your Dermatologist or GPwER Medical Dermatology recommends that you monitor over time in case they begin to show signs of malignancy. Routine follow-up mole mapping appointments allow you to assess changes accurately, removing guesswork and offering peace of mind.

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Mole Mapping Leeds and Yorkshire - Horus Scanner

Examples of Moles

Our mole mapping system records moles of all types for changes over time.

Examples of Moles

Mole Mapping Treatment prices

Mole Mapping inc Doctor Assessment£275
Repeat Mapping (within 2 years)£175
Repeat Mapping (over 2 years)£275
For many patients, an annual appointment is recommended. We discount repeat mapping appointments to £175 if you return within two years. After that, the price reverts to £275.

Considering Mole Mapping?

If you have questions about Mole Mapping or would like to book with one of our specialist Doctors, call our clinic team:

Mole Mapping Doctors

Our Private Cancer Treatment Surgeons

What is the difference between Mole Mapping and a Mole Check?

If you have a small number of individual moles or lesions that you would like to have reviewed manually by a specialist, we continue to offer Mole Check appointments for this. A mole check appointment is carried out by a Consultant Dermatologist, a GPwER Medical Dermatology or a specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeon with expertise in skin cancer. The Consultant will examine your skin by eye and using a handheld dermatoscope and advise your next steps based on their findings.

A Mole Mapping appointment allows us to assess greater numbers of moles without high expense or compromising accuracy. The service includes automated mapping at 30x and 150x magnification by our Horus HS1000 skin imaging machine. Mole sizes are automatically measured and compared to the recordings from previous appointments. The system also flags changes in colour or shape between appointments.

Benefits of Mole Mapping

Our aim is to reduce risk - both the risk of suspicious moles going unnoticed, and the risk of parts of your body not being examined accurately. We achieve this through:

Cutting edge technology: Our Horus HS1000 takes highly accurate digital photographs of your skin, allowing our highly experienced Dermatology team to quickly and accurately identify changes over time. We are the only clinic in Yorkshire to be able to offer this.

Mole mapping: You can be reassured that you are keeping track of new moles and lesions, even if you'd struggle to see them yourself.

Immediate access to treatment: If we detect skin cancer we can offer fast-track skin treatment with no waiting lists. Our specialist team work in skin cancer multidisciplinary teams where your case can be discussed if required.

Horus Mole Mapping System

How often should I have my skin mapped?

The photos of your skin are retained securely in our mole mapping system. We recommend you return every six or twelve months for a repeat mapping appointment. In this appointment, your photos will be compared against one another. Any changes will be recorded and any concerns our Dermatologists have will be discussed with you.

Dermatology Nurses

Our mole mapping team also includes specialist Nurses and HCAs.


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