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The latest treatment news and patient testimonials from our Leeds clinic.

Upper Blepharoplasty – “I am extremely happy and from day 1 post surgery”

By Alice Kelly / April 3, 2024

Maria had an upper eyelid lift with Mr Watt in February 2024. She was so happy with her newfound confidence afterwards that she couldn’t wait to share her story and photos with us.

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Ganglion Cyst Removal: “It was very quick, completely painless, and I’m looking forward to the recovery now.”

By Alice Kelly / January 11, 2024

Sophie tells us about her decision making process that led her to choose Skin Surgery Clinic and about her experience on the day as Mr Mather carried out her surgery.

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Trigger Finger Release: “It was that good I came back to have my other hand operated on.”

By Alice Kelly / January 10, 2024

Debra was kind enough to share her experience with us following on from her Trigger Finger Release Surgery.

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Skin Cancer: “Get it checked. You’re important.”

By Skin Surgery Clinic Team / December 20, 2023

“My gut said ‘ring them’ after reading amazing reviews and success stories on their website…”

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Eyelid Surgery: “It’s taken 10 years off the way I look”

By Skin Surgery Clinic Team / December 18, 2023

Heather came to our clinic having carefully researched the pros and cons of having eyelid lift surgery.

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Earlobe Reconstruction: “This was the only thing holding back my police application”

By Skin Surgery Clinic Team / December 6, 2023

Faced with an unexpected instruction from his new employer, our patient needed to reconstruct his stretched earlobes.

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