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Patient Stories

Want to know what it's like being treated at Skin Surgery Clinic?

See our patients and hear their experiences in their own words. Featuring treatment and recovery photos, video diaries and more.

Upper Blepharoplasty – “I am extremely happy and from day 1 post surgery”

Maria had an upper eyelid lift with Mr Watt in February 2024. She was so happy with her newfound confidence afterwards that she couldn’t wait to share her story and photos with us.

Ganglion Cyst Removal: “It was very quick, completely painless, and I’m looking forward to the recovery now.”

Sophie tells us about her decision making process that led her to choose Skin Surgery Clinic and about her experience on the day as Mr Mather carried out her surgery.

Trigger Finger Release: “It was that good I came back to have my other hand operated on.”

Debra was kind enough to share her experience with us following on from her Trigger Finger Release Surgery.

Skin Cancer: “Get it checked. You’re important.”

“My gut said ‘ring them’ after reading amazing reviews and success stories on their website…”

Eyelid Surgery: “It’s taken 10 years off the way I look”

Heather came to our clinic having carefully researched the pros and cons of having eyelid lift surgery.

Earlobe Reconstruction: “This was the only thing holding back my police application”

Faced with an unexpected instruction from his new employer, our patient needed to reconstruct his stretched earlobes.

Upper Blepharoplasty: “…it has taken 10yrs off me”

April was so happy with her newfound confidence after eyelid lift surgery that she offered to share day-by-day recovery photos with us.

Upper Blepharoplasty results - Front

Eyelid Lift: “my colleagues noticed how good I looked”

Raymond had irritation and tiredness caused by his eyelids before he came for treatment.

Laser Rhinophyma Treatment Results Before and After Leeds Bradford AT

Rhinophyma Treatment: “my self confidence had gone”

Our patient was kind enough to share his rhinophyma treatment results with us, including recovery photos from the early weeks after his surgery.

Eyelid Lift: “I could not believe the difference in a week”

After a disappointing experience with the NHS, our patient hoped to restore her vision and refresh her appearance at the same time by going private.

Skin Cancer: “The scaring is minimal”

Anthony got in touch with our surgical team as he wanted to skip the long waiting list and receive a rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Laser Rhinophyma Surgery: “my nose is perfectly normal”

Kevin was kind enough to share his spectacular before and after photos with us.

Lipoma Removal: “It makes me so happy that the lump is no longer there”

Julie had a lipoma above her eye and had begun to notice it affecting her self confidence.

Skin Cancer: “I couldn’t believe how quickly SSC could see me.”

With a previous history of skin cancer, Ian knew he wanted rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Cyst Removal: “I can’t explain the difference in my confidence”

Our patient had found it difficult to get help through the stretched NHS, and got in touch with our surgical team instead.

Upper Blepharoplasty: “I have my confidence back”

Debbie found her hooded eyelids were affecting her wellbeing and self-confidence.

Alison’s Confidence-Boosting Eyelid Surgery

Alison came with high hopes for surgery and questions for us about discomfort during the procedure itself. Here are her story and results.

Anne’s Upper Blepharoplasty Transformation

“I was sick of feeling and looking constantly tired.” Read Anne’s upper blepharoplasty story and see her brilliant results.

Lynne’s Amazing Eyelid Surgery Results

Lynne came to the clinic for upper eyelid lift surgery. She shares her experience of choosing and attending the clinic, and her brilliant results.

Eyelid Lift Surgery: “I’m amazed.. I was starting to look like an old bag”

“The results are much better than I expected. I’m amazed to be honest!”

Richard’s Stretched Earlobe Reconstruction Story

Richard was planning a change that he hoped would boost his confidence. He shares his thoughts before and after earlobe surgery.

Eyelid Surgery: “I feel like a different person”

Lorna’s eyelids had become hooded to the point that they were affecting her eyesight.

Upper Blepharoplasty Leeds Bradford - Before and After MR

Martin’s Upper Eyelid Surgery Results

Martin came to us for Upper Blepharoplasty surgery in mid-2022 and was kind enough to share this brilliant feedback and his before and after photos.

Upper Blepharoplasty Leeds Bradford - Before and After DB

Dawn’s Upper Blepharoplasty Testimonial

Dawn told us that she chose our clinic on the basis of the reviews she read. After treatment, she shared her own testimonial with us.

Upper Blepharoplasty Leeds Bradford Before and After CH

Chris’ Upper Blepharoplasty Experience

Chris visited our clinic in Summer 2022 for an eyelid lift procedure with Mr Williams. Here he shares his before and after photos, and his experience of the treatment.

Upper Blepharoplasty: “Everyone was reassuring and professional”

Margaret had a brilliant outcome from her eyelid lift surgery with Mr Bains and shared her final results with us.

Eyelid Lift: “I expected it to feel a lot worse than it did”

Helen had been considering upper blepharoplasty for a long time before choosing our clinic.

Hannah’s Eyelid Lift Video Diary

Hannah came to our clinic with concerns about hooding and dropping in her eyelids, and wanted to discuss the possibility of treating them through an Upper Blepharoplasty.

Kirsty's Story: Eyelid Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

Kirsty’s Upper Eyelid Surgery

Kirsty Macgregor came to our clinic to discuss the possibility of carrying out an eyelid surgery called upper blepharoplasty to lift her hooded eyelids.

Kelsey’s experience having Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift Surgery

Patients often consider surgery to correct their hooded eyelids from their late 30s onwards. The results of eyelid lift surgery are often spectacular. One of the questions we’re most often asked is, “how will my recovery go?”.

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