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Kirsty’s Upper Eyelid Surgery

Kirsty's Story: Eyelid Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

Kirsty Macgregor came to our clinic to discuss the possibility of carrying out an eyelid surgery called upper blepharoplasty to lift her hooded eyelids. To help others who may be considering this procedure, she was kind enough to keep a diary before and after treatment, and share it with us. 

We haven’t added to or removed anything from Kirsty’s account of her treatment and recovery. We hope you enjoy it!

Over to Kirsty…

Before surgery

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - before

I have always been very self-conscious about my eyelids being very hooded and this has always affected me, especially being female, I have always loved makeup and wanted to try different eyeshadows but as soon as I put eyeshadow on, I was always disappointed as my eyelids would cover it up.

I decided now was the time to investigate having upper eyelid surgery as I am getting married in July and was starting to panic about my wedding makeup and that I was spending money on having my makeup done professionally and not even being able to see or appreciate it. I just wanted to look my best on my big day and not feel so self-conscious about my eyes.

After doing a lot of research online I came across the Skin Surgery Clinic and just knew this was where I wanted to have the procedure done. Their website made me feel very reassured after seeing lots of before and after photos and amazing reviews. Also, on the website there was a video of Dr Watt performing the surgery I wanted, and I knew straight away I really wanted him as my surgeon as he made it look like such a simple and stressless procedure and was very calm and professional.

Day 1 Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 1 day after

I felt relatively calm the morning of my surgery until I arrived at the Skin Surgery Clinic and the nerves started to hit me. As soon as Mr Watt came through to the waiting room for me to go have my procedure, I told him I was feeling nervous, and he instantly reassured me and I knew I was in good hands.

The surgery itself was a very strange but relatively painless process and Mr Watt and the surgical health care assistant, Jodie was both very reassuring and calming. I couldn’t believe it when Mr Watt said that’s it all done! I instantly thought, what was I so nervous about?

After the surgery I sat in my own room with a cool mask on which felt amazing. Having 2 young children it felt like a spa day for me. My vision was very blurred after having the eye gel put in but the staff at reception were amazing and even walked me outside to my car where my partner was waiting.

I did have a little bit of swelling after the surgery, and they did feel a bit uncomfortable after the local anaesthetic had worn off but it didn’t last too long.

Days 3-5 Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 3-5 days after

On days 3-5 I definitely noticed the swelling on my eyelids was going down and that the under-eye bruising was appearing, but it only lasted a couple of days as you can see from my pictures.

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 3-5 days after
As my eyelids were healing the stitches began to feel tighter and itchy but the eye gel provided by the Skin Surgery Clinic after my surgery really helped with this and made them feel a lot more comfortable.

1 Week Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 1 week after
One week post-surgery I had my stitches removed which I was very nervous about, after having stitches removed in the past and remember how painful it was. But Helena, one of the nurses at the Skin Surgery Clinic was lovely and so gentle, I hardly felt a thing. After they were removed my eyelids felt a lot more comfortable and I was very happy with how they looked.

2 Weeks Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 2 weeks after

I am absolutely over the moon with the results so far. On day 13 I applied makeup for the first time since having the procedure and I can’t stop looking at my eyelids in the mirror. I feel so much more confident now and the scars are healing really well, they’re barely even noticeable.

I thought with it only being a couple of weeks after my op I may have to change the way I apply my makeup, but I didn’t have to change a thing. I was nervous about removing my makeup in case it hurt but I used a soft makeup removal cloth, and it was absolutely fine.

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 2 weeks after

I’ve also noticed I’m getting a lot of compliments on how good my eyes look and people asking me where I had the procedure done. Of course, I tell them how highly I would recommend the Skin Surgery Clinic.

Week 4 Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 4 weeks after
For the first couple of weeks after the surgery my eyelids felt a little bit numb, but I’ve now got the feeling back at week 4. It feels so much more normal now washing my face and applying makeup. I’m so happy with my results so far and my scars are healing nicely.

Week 8 Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 8 weeks after

Still absolutely over the moon with my eyelids! They’re healing so well and the scars are barely noticeable.

At week 6 I could start wearing my contact lenses again which was a massive relief for me as I normally wear them every day and could show my new eyelids off properly without having to wear my glasses everyday.

With my wedding approaching very soon I feel a lot more confident and can’t wait to have my makeup trial which I was actually really dreading before the surgery due to my hooded eyelids.

Overall I am very happy and definitely made the right decision. I couldn’t recommend the Skin Surgery Clinic enough.

Week 12 Post Op

Upper blepharoplasty patient photos - 12 weeks after

I finally had my big day and thanks to the Skin Surgery Clinic I felt so much more confident and for the first time actually enjoyed having my makeup done without feeling self conscious about my hooded eyelids.

Having the surgery was a big decision but I don’t regret it at all. I’m so happy with my final results.

The staff are amazing, I can’t thank them all enough.

Summing up

Kirsty's Story: Eyelid Lift Surgery Before and After Photos
It’s been great to follow Kirsty’s journey from her initial treatment consultation through to her final eyelid surgery results. We’re so grateful to her for sharing her experience.

Upper Blepharoplasty surgery can be transformative for patients with hooded eyelids, but there is a period after the procedure where you should expect some bruising and discomfort. We hope that with an insider view on the process, you’ll feel more confident in making your own decision.

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