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Kelsey’s experience having Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty Before and After Recovery Photos

Patients often consider surgery to correct their hooded eyelids from their late 30s onwards. The results of eyelid lift surgery are often spectacular. One of the questions we’re most often asked is, “how will my recovery go?”.

Our patient Kelsey shared her progress on social media and we asked her if we could share her video diary and photos with you here.

Kelsey’s situation was common. She had noticed the effects of her hooded eyelids and had tried everything she could think of to try and improve them. In the hopes of freshening her youthful appearance, she started to research options to undergo eyelid lift surgery. This is a procedure known to surgeons as Upper Blepharoplasty.

Kelsey’s Story

In her video diary, Kelsey talks about her hopes for surgery and the process of choosing where to go for treatment. She then talks about the procedure on the day.

She gives an honest assessment of the surgery itself, and the aftercare she received before leaving. Lastly, she talks us through her recovery, and the thrill of getting her final results.

YouTube video

Kelsey did the sort of research we advise everyone carry out before considering surgery. She read clinics’ websites in detail, and she look closely at patient feedback. She chose the clinic that seemed to be the best fit for her. Importantly, she was willing to travel a little further for the right place.

Afterwards she followed all the aftercare advice we gave her and so her results came through

Eyelid Lift Surgery Photos – Before, Recovery and After

Kelsey was kind enough to send us her recovery photos so that we could share a typical recovery journey with you. Let’s start with her before photo.

Date: Before treatment

As you can see, Kelsey’s upper eyelids had become visibly hooded. She had tried various lifestyle changes, but these had not helped.

Date: Immediately after surgery

Immediately after surgery you can see the dressings in place on Kelsey’s eyelids. Her surgery had gone well and it was time to head home for recovery.

Date: The following morning

As we would hope, the following morning there is some bruising and swelling around Kelsey’s eyes. This is part of the body’s healing process and it will be a few days before it starts to fade.

Date: 2 days after surgery

Kelsey said in her video diary that she was surprised by how painless her recovery was. Here, on day two, she was experiencing the bruising and swelling that we would expect after the procedure. The pink colour of the bruising shows that this is early in the healing process. She said she was consistent with her use of ice packs, which we provide to help get this stage of recovery over as quickly as possible.

Date: 5 days after surgery

By day five Kelsey was well on the way to recovery. The swelling under her eyes has almost completely gone. You can tell from the colouring of the bruises that the body is actively healing the affected areas.

We invite eyelid surgery patients back to the clinic seven days after their operation, to have an in-person checkup and remove dressings.

Date: 2 weeks after surgery

With the dressings removed, Kelsey can start to see the results of her treatment. The bruises under the eyes have almost completely gone, and she is able to wear makeup again. Her upper eyelids are still showing a little swelling, as you would expect – this is the first time we’ve seen them since they were operated on.

People’s healing times may vary; you would expect a patient in their 70s to take a bit longer to recover than one in their 30s. But these are typical of what most people can hope to look like after two weeks.

Date: 6 weeks after surgery

By six weeks it’s impossible to tell that surgery took place. Kelsey’s eyes no longer show any sign of swelling and her eyelids look completely different to before the procedure.

Final results


The final results! Kelsey’s eyelids came out great. By treating the sagging folds, her eyes have a freshened and youthful appearance that looks completely natural. No signs of the surgery remain, and nobody would expect any treatment had even taken place.

In summary

Let’s take a final look at Kelsey’s photos side-by-side:

We’re so grateful to Kelsey for letting us share her story with you. It’s rare to be able to follow a patient through every step of their journey.

She followed every step we would recommend, from her initial planning and research to her calm approach to aftercare. We’re delighted she got the results she was hoping for.

Next steps

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