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Skin Cancer: “I couldn’t believe how quickly SSC could see me.”

Skin-Cancer-Removal-Leeds-Bradford-IB-before-and-after-3 months

With a previous history of skin cancer, Ian knew he wanted rapid diagnosis and treatment.


The first time I noticed the lesion behind my ear was after waking up on several occasions with blood spots on my pillow. With its location being behind my ear I am not sure how long it had been there and as I have previously had skin cancer, I was keen to get it checked out by a doctor. I did at first enquire within the NHS but I found the waiting list to be a lot longer than I wanted to wait. This is when a friend of mine recommend Skin Surgery Clinic.

I couldn’t believe how quickly SSC could see me. From my first phone call, I was booked in for a consultation with Mr Watt within a week and we could book my surgery in just a week later. The whole booking process was super quick and efficient and the reception staff were all so friendly and professional.

My consultation with Mr Watt was as I expected, very informative and professional. He also discussed the cost of the procedure which was exactly as advertised on the website.

Before surgery

Day of Surgery

I have previously had procedures like this before so I wasn’t nervous on the day of the surgery. I found the injections to be uncomfortable due to its location and I could hear the surgery take places so clearly which felt strange. Other than this the procedure went smoothly I was there for no longer than an hour. The procedure was performed under local anaesthetic which meant there were no side effects from this to recover from.

After the procedure the nurse assisting went through how I should look after my wound and gave me an aftercare sheet to take away with me. She also gave me the assurance that if I had any concerns or questions I could call the clinic anytime.

Immediately after surgery

2 days after

The initial recovery was quite uncomfortable for a few days following the surgery but nothing paracetamol couldn’t help with. The area was tight and due to its location I found it sore when having to wear my glasses. This eased up once the tapes were removed a week later which I did at home with the assistance of my wife.

Two days after surgery

4 weeks after

The wound seems to be healing fine and isn’t sore at all now. At around 3 weeks Mr Watt called me to check up on my recovery and to let me know that the lesion they removed was in fact a basal cell carcinoma which was a cancerous growth and it had all been successfully removed within the surgery, this was a huge relief.

I would like to thank everyone at Skin Surgery Clinic. From the initial enquiry right through to the aftercare received everyone I came in contact with were friendly, professional and caring. Mr Watt did an excellent job and made me feel super at ease. I would recommend Skin Surgery Clinic and if I ever need anything else removing, they will be the first people I will call.

Four weeks after surgery

Final Results

Here are the final results for this patient, who took the photo below three months after his surgery with Mr Watt.

Three months after surgery, fully healed

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