Cyst Removal At A Glance

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from 30 minutes

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from £395

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Surgical excision procedure

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2-4 weeks

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Use SPF, massage scar 2x daily

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Remove dressings early, get area wet

Cyst Removal in Leeds

Cysts are a very common type of skin lesion. They are round lumps under the skin. They are usually filled with fluid, which makes them feel hard to the touch.

In most cases, a cyst will not go away on its own. While cysts are not dangerous, they are often uncomfortable or unsightly. For these reasons, many people choose to have them removed.

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons remove cysts of all sizes, through a short procedure carried out in one of our Minor Operating Suites.

Cyst Removal Leeds and Bradford - Before and After
Surgical removal of a large cyst from the scalp

What are my options for cyst removal?

The method that we recommend for cyst removal is removal by surgical excision. The treatment will generally last around 30 minutes and it is carried out under local anaesthetic.

The cost for the removal of one cyst by surgical excision starts from £395. For the removal of more than one cyst, the treatment cost will be discussed during your consultation.

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Before and After

Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - cheek/side of eye Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds

The whole treatment from online form submission to removal was amazing! The staff were knowledgeable, professional and kind. My results are more than I could have hoped for! I can’t recommend them highly enough. After more than 4 years of living with an appearance altering lump this really has changed my daily life. Thank you!!! Xx worth every penny!
- Claire

Cyst Removal Video

See a surgical cyst removal procedure by Mr Andrew Williams.

YouTube video

Cyst Removal Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Free Online Consultation - if you would like to book straight inGet Started
Consultation with NurseFREE
Single Cyst Removal - Smallfrom £395
Single Cyst Removal - Largefrom £565
Single Cyst Removal - Head/Forehead£565
Per Additional Cystfrom £295
We also treat unusually large cysts that require a longer appointment. In these cases we will discuss the price before you book in or make a deposit.

Considering treatment?

We offer a free online consultation to assess your condition. Fill in a simple form and we will let you know your treatment options.

Who carries out this procedure

What are cysts?

A sebaceous cyst is a lump under the skin, which can vary in size, shape and contents. The contents of a cyst can be air, fluid or a semi-solid material. A cyst can appear anywhere on the body.

What is included in the Free Consultation?

Your free consultation will be with one of our Surgical Nurses. During the consultation, they will assess your cyst and decide whether it is suitable for treatment. Most consultations are carried out digitally via an Online Consultation. On the day of your procedure, you will also be assessed by the Doctor; this is included in the overall cost of the treatment.

What is included in the cost of the procedure?

  • Initial consultation with one of our Surgical Nurses. This can be carried out in the clinic or over the telephone (after submitting an Online Consultation  – ideal for patients travelling from a distance or for those who have limited time available).
  • Consultation with the Consultant / Doctor on the day of the procedure
  • The procedure itself
  • 2 week review appointment with one of our Clinical Nurses if required. Many patients do not need a follow-up appointment, but we’re always here if you have questions.

Am I at risk?

A fully qualified Consultant or Doctor will carefully examine your cyst before any treatment commences and also check your medical background. If there is any doubt, you will be referred back to your GP.

We are not able to treat a cyst if there is inflammation or other signs of infection such as a change in skin tone on or around it. In this case we would suggest an appointment with your GP first, in order to begin any treatment required in advance of removal.

How will my cyst be removed?

Your cyst will be removed by surgical excision. The Doctor will inject local anaesthetic into the area of treatment to reduce discomfort. Many of our patients say that the injection is the most uncomfortable part of the treatment. The Doctor will use a scalpel to excise the cyst, leaving a small linear scar roughly the same size as the cyst. The wound will be stitched and a dressing applied if needed. You will be given advice on how to care for the area post treatment.

Do you only remove sebaceous cysts?

As well as removing these keratin-filled cysts found on the skin, we offer a specialist hand and wrist procedure for patients suffering from ganglion cysts.

I attended the clinic on the 5th Dec 2022 for a cyst removal on my scalp. The reception area was modern and clean and the staff welcoming.
Arrived early but filled in some paperwork during wait. The consultant held a brief meeting with me and discussed the procedure and answered any questions. The procedure itself lasted about 15-20 mins and was completely painless, the consultant was chatting away during the process just checking on my comfort , the nurse also.
Once done, an aftercare meeting with the nurse was held and then off to reception to settle the bill.
An extremely pleasant and professional experience. The wound is healing nicely after 10 days so far.
Cant recommend highly enough.
- Male, 60s

All I can say is ‘thank you!’ I was so nervous going in to have my cyst removed, and the minute I walked into the treatment room, I felt at ease. The whole team is amazing and Mr Williams done a fantastic job. Thank you again. Would recommend to anyone.
- Female, 30s

Cyst Removal Before and After

Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - back of head Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - scalp Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - side of eye Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - forehead Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - eye/temple Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - upper back Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - behind ear Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - forehead Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
Pilar Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - cheek Cyst Removal Leeds
Pilar Cyst Removal by Surgical Excision - top of head Cyst Removal Leeds
Surgical Excision - cheek area Cyst Removal Leeds

 I would just like to say what a fantastic procedure I received on Monday when I came to have a skin tag removed which was under my eye by Mr Watt. Everybody has commented how neat it was. I was quite nervous but made to feel relaxed by both Mr Watt and the nurse I will definitely be recommending the clinic to my friends. Thank you.
- Ann Carr


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