Lipoma Removal At A Glance

Treatment Time


from 30 minutes

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from £395, size dependent

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Surgical excision procedure

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2-4 weeks

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Keep dry (3 days), use scar gel

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Stretch/pull skin for 2 weeks

Lipoma Removal in Leeds

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin. They are non-cancerous (benign) and are caused by an overgrowth of fat cells. They can grow anywhere in the body where there are fat cells, but are usually seen on the:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttock
  • Thigh

They feel soft and ‘doughy’ to touch and range from the size of a pea to a few centimetres across. They grow very slowly and don't usually cause any other problems.

Occasionally, lipomas can develop deeper inside the body, so you won't be able to see or feel them.

Lipoma Removal Leeds Harrogate Yorkshire
Image shows a typical lipoma

What are my options for lipoma removal?

The method that we recommend for lipoma removal is removal by surgical excision. The treatment will generally last around 30 minutes and it is carried out under local anaesthetic.

The cost for the removal of one lipoma by surgical excision is £395, for the removal of more than one lipoma, the treatment cost will be discussed during your consultation.

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Before and After

Removal by Surgical Excision - left temple Sebaceous Cyst Removal Leeds
"I had a lipoma removed from my neck today. From walking in to leaving, the care and treatment was simply first class in every respect. Everything was fully explained and I was completely at ease.

The surgery was genuinely a pain free proceedure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. A very big thank you to Mr Watt and his team."

Dave Stainthorpe

Lipoma Removal Video

See a surgical lipoma removal procedure by Mr David Watt.

Lipoma Removal Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

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Consultation with NurseFREE
Single Lipoma Removal - Smallfrom £395
Single Lipoma Removal - Largefrom £565
Single Lipoma Removal - Head/Forehead£565
Per Additional Lipomafrom £295
We also treat unusually large lipoma that require a longer appointment. In these cases we will discuss the price before you book in or make a deposit.

Considering treatment?

We offer a free online consultation to assess your condition. Fill in a simple form and we will let you know your treatment options.

Who carries out this procedure

Who gets lipomas?

Lipomas are fairly common, with about one in 100 people developing them. It's unusual to develop more than one or two lipomas, unless you have a rare inherited condition called familial multiple lipomatosis, which causes lipomas to develop all over the body.

When to see your GP

You should see your GP if you develop a growth or swelling on your body. They can examine it and confirm whether it's a lipoma.

When a lipoma is pressed, it should feel smooth and soft, like rubber or dough. It may move about under the skin.

If there's any doubt, your GP may recommend that you have an ultrasound scan or a biopsy.

You should also see your GP if you have a lump that:

  • is getting bigger
  • is painful
  • feels hard
  • grows back after it's been removed

In this case, your doctor will want to rule out other types of lump.

For diagnosis and treatment without a waiting list, Skin Surgery Clinic also offers:

Lipoma Removal

if you would like a Lipoma removed, this is not something that is usually carried out by the NHS.

We can remove Lipomas at our registered medical clinic in Guiseley by surgical excision.

Is it a Lipoma or a Cyst?

A Cyst is a sac under the skin that contains fluid and can look like a lipoma. Here's how to tell the difference:

  • Cysts are close to the skin surface, whereas lipomas are deeper under the skin
  • Cysts are firm to the touch, whereas lipomas are soft, mobile and dough-like
  • With certain cysts, the skin may be inflamed (red and swollen), but it isn't with lipomas

If it's not possible to determine from the exterior, an ultrasound scan can easily identify lipomas and cysts. If your lipoma is bigger than a golf ball (5cm or about 2 inches) and painful, ask your GP to arrange an ultrasound scan. You can then decide whether you would like it removing privately.

Before and After

Removal by Surgical Excision - left arm Lipoma Removal Leeds Bradford before and after
Lipoma Removal by Surgical Excision - back of knee Lipoma Removal Leeds Bradford before and after


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