Skin Lesion Removal At A Glance

Treatment Time


from 30 minutes

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from £345

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Laser removal or surgical excision

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7-10 days (laser), 2-4 wks (surgical)

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Keep dressing in place, use SPF

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Apply makeup, swim until healed

Skin Lesion Removal in Leeds

Skin lesions are growths on the skin. It is an umbrella term that covers all lumps and bumps, like moles, cysts, skin tags and more.

We have a large surgical team including Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Consultant Dermatologists and a specialist Minor Surgery GP. Our Surgeons and Doctors remove skin lesions of all sizes, through a short procedure carried out in one of our Minor Operating Suites.

Skin Lesion Removal Leeds and Harrogate - Before and After
Skin lesion removal by laser from ear

What are my options for skin lesion removal?

There are three main methods for removing skin lesions at the Skin Surgery Clinic. They are laser skin lesion removal, surgical skin lesion removal and the removal of skin lesions by a hyfrecator. In your consultation one of our clinical nurses will best advise you on the most successful method of treatment.

Skin lesion removal via our CO2RE laser is our preferred option of removal for skin lesions. The treatment causes very little discomfort and is carried out under local anaesthetic, the treatment will usually last around 20 minutes. The main reason for laser being our preferred choice is due to the minimal chances of any scarring post treatment. Prices start from £345 for the removal of one skin lesion via laser, additional skin lesions removed on the day will cost £95.

Surgical skin lesion removal is the most successful method of removal however it will leave a small linear scar after the procedure. The treatment will last roughly 30 minutes and post treatment there may be some discomfort while your skin is healing. Prices start from £395 for the removal of one skin lesion.

The removal of skin lesions via the hyfrecator is mainly reserved for skin lesions with a stalk such as skin tags. The surgical blade removes the skin lesions while cauterising the blood vessels to stop bleeding. This is a simple and very successful method for removing unwanted skin lesions. Prices start from £245 for the removal of one skin lesion.

We also offer a biopsy and histology service if any lesion looks suspect. The cost of this is from £125.

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Skin Lesion Removal Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Consultant Dermatologist or GPwSI Minor Surgery.

Online Consultation - if you would like to book straight inClick Here
Consultation with NurseFREE
Laser Removal£345
Per Additional Laser Removal£95
Single Surgical Removal - Small£395
Single Surgical Removal - Largefrom £565
Per Additional Surgical Removalfrom £295
We also treat unusually large skin lesions that require a longer appointment. In these cases we will discuss the price before you book in or make a deposit.

Considering treatment?

We offer a free online consultation to assess your condition. Fill in a simple form and we will let you know your treatment options.

Who carries out this procedure

What are Skin Lesions?

Skin lesions are very common. They can vary in size and colour and can appear anywhere on your body. Some skin lesions can be present at birth such as birthmarks and moles while some can develop later in life such as warts and verrucas. Skin lesions can be cause be varying factors, a tendency to developing freckles, birthmarks and moles can be inherited while the most common cause of skin lesions are bacteria and the environment.

What is included in the Free Consultation?

Your free consultation will be with one of our Surgical Nurses. During the consultation, they will assess your skin lesion and decide whether it is suitable for treatment and what type of treatment would be most beneficial. Most consultations are carried out digitally via an Online Consultation. On the day of your procedure, you will also be assessed by the Doctor; this is included in the overall cost of the treatment. If you would like to have an additional consultation with a Doctor prior to the day of the procedure, costs start from £175.

What is included in the cost of the procedure?

  • Initial consultation with one of our Surgical Nurses. This can be carried out in the clinic or over the telephone (after submitting an Online Consultation - ideal for patients travelling from a distance or for those who have limited time available).
  • Consultation with the Consultant / Doctor on the day of the procedure
  • The procedure itself
  • Post procedure care pack (if the lesion was removed by Laser)
  • Optional 2 week review appointment with one of our Clinical Nurses (usually not required, but please do ask if you would like an additional review appointment.)

Am I at risk?

The short answer is no. Before any treatment takes place you will be assessed by the treating Doctor. If there is any doubt you will be referred back to your GP. We do offer a private biopsy and histology service at a cost of £125.

How will my skin lesion be removed?

As mentioned above there are three methods for skin lesion removal. Laser, surgical and via a hyfrecator. Each method of remove has its advantages and a decision will be made for the best course of action between the clinical Nurse, treating Doctor and you the patient. All our skin lesion removal treatments are carried out under local anesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Skin Lesion Removal - Before and After

Pyogenic Granuloma Surgical Excision - Finger Surgical Skin Lesion Removal in Leeds
Surgically Shaved - Upper Eye Area Surgical Skin Lesion Removal in Leeds


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