Xanthelasma Removal At A Glance

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from 30 minutes

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from £395

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Surgical excision procedure

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2-4 weeks

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Leave dressings on, expect bruising

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Drive (24hrs), exercise (2-4 wks)

Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds

What is xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma is a formation of white spots around the eye. Sometimes the spots develop into larger patches, or are more yellow in colour.

These spots are a type of plaque formed by cells which have uptaken fat from the bloodstream and deposited it at the skin. They form over the upper or lower eyelids, most often near the inner corner of the eye.

Xanthelasma Removal Leeds Harrogate Yorkshire
Typical xanthelasma around the eye

Xanthelasma Removal Video

See a surgical cyst removal procedure carried out by Mr David Watt.

Note: For patients who would like to know exactly what happens during the procedure, this video has detailed footage of Xanthelasma Removal Surgery taking place.

Xanthelasma Removal Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

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Surgical Removalfrom £395
Per Additional Surgical Removal£295

Considering treatment?

We offer a free online consultation to assess your condition. Fill in a simple form and we will let you know your treatment options.

What are my options for Xanthelasma Removal?

The primary route for Xanthelasma Removal is to have a surgical excision (removal). This is carried out by one of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons at our clinic in Leeds, near Bradford and Harrogate.

Treatment is brief and carried out under local anaesthetic.

We can begin your Xanthelasma treatment with an Online Consultation. Our highly experienced nurses and surgeons will review your details and photos. In many cases this allows you to book straight in for your surgical procedure without needing an initial appointment.

What causes Xanthelasma?

The formation of Xanthelasma around the eye can be indicative of high blood levels of cholesterol. We would advise that patients with Xanthelasma see their GP to get your cholesterol levels checked. However there is little evidence that treatment of high cholesterol by medication, diet change or weight loss will affect Xanthelasma spots or patches that have already formed. Most patients who address an underlying cause in this way will still require surgical treatment to remove the existing plaque spots.

Xanthelasma formation can also be hereditary.

Should I be concerned about Xanthelasma?

The condition in itself is medically harmless as long as any causes identified by your GP are addressed. The spots around the eyes can look strange and so we offer Xanthelasma Removal with a free online consultation.

Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds before and after photos
Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds before and after pictures
Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds before and after pictures
Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds before and after pictures
Xanthelasma Removal in Leeds before and after pictures

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