Skin Cancer Screening in Leeds

At the Skin Surgery Clinic we offer a skin cancer screening service, involving a comprehensive assessment for those patients with moles that they are concerned about, whether they have a history of skin cancer or otherwise.

With a large medical team of Consultant Dermatologists and Consultant Plastic Surgeons with specialist skin cancer expertise, we should be able to offer you an appointment quickly at our clinic in Leeds.

Skin Cancer Screening in Leeds and Bradford

What happens during skin cancer screening?

The appointment includes an assessment of risk factors and a full cutaneous examination of the skin with a dermatoscope. Any areas or specific lesions of concern will be documented and discussed with you.  To assess change over time, six-monthly or annual skin cancer screening appointments are recommended.

Using their judgement, your Consultant may examine your whole body, not just skin lesions that may be concerning you.

Part of the appointment will focus on educating you about the early warning signs of skin cancer and how to best protect your skin going forward.

Surgical Facilities at the Clinic

Minor Ops Suite at Skin Surgery Clinic Leeds-Bradford

Skin Cancer Screening pricing

Skin Cancer Screening Service£175

Considering Skin Cancer Screening?

Book a consultation with your experienced specialist Consultant, who will assess your condition and guide you through your treatment options.

Our skin cancer team

Why choose Private Skin Cancer Treatment?

The NHS generally offers a rapid diagnosis of skin cancer but patients are increasingly finding that the waiting list for treatment can be quite lengthy. In particular, patients waiting for basal cell carcinoma removal (often shortened to "BCC removal") or rodent ulcers, can wait for several months or longer to be operated on. Once patients know that they have skin cancer, many want to have the lesion removed immediately.

The Private Skin Cancer Treatment service is consultant-led by Mr David Watt (Consultant Plastic Surgeon), Mr Andrew Williams (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) and Mr David Mather (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) who all work within the NHS as well as privately at our clinic. Mr Watt and Mr Williams also sit on the Skin Cancer MDT board for Bradford, which monitors all patients with skin cancer.  We are able to diagnose and treat most skin lesions. Treatment may involve multiple procedures.

Do I need an NHS referral?

We are a registered medical clinic, governed by the Care Quality Commission. Because of this, we do not require a referral from your GP or hospital in order to offer you consultations and treatment.

Key Information

  • Consultant-led Service
  • GP referral available if needed
  • Private skin cancer treatment available at the clinic
  • Detailed documentation & plan going forward
  • Full medical team support
  • Biopsy & histology service available

What if a mole looks suspicious?

Because of the expertise of the Consultants on our team, we are able to go further than simply checking and screening for Skin Cancer.

If a mole appears to be suspicious in any way, the options will be discussed with you. We can either refer you straight back to your GP for treatment or if you decide to have treatment privately with us, your GP will immediately be informed and will be kept up to date at every stage of the treatment.

This service is ideal for patients who would like:

  • to explore a faster option than the NHS
  • to be diagnosed, treated and reviewed privately.