Hand & Wrist Surgery in Leeds

There are a number of common conditions that can cause pain, numbness or reduced movement.

The most common of these include:

Our clinic offers comprehensive treatment for these conditions.

All treatments are carried out by one of our three specialist hand and wrist Consultant Plastic Surgeons. Between them, they have completed over 27,500 hand and wrist procedures.

Surgery for Hand and Wrist Pain - Hand and Wrist Surgery in Leeds Bradford
We offer treatment for...

Ganglion Cyst

Lumps that form on the joints of the hand and wrist, causing pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain, weakness and numbness caused by an impinged nerve in your wrist.

Trigger Finger

Inflamed tendon sheaths and tendon nodules prevent normal straightening of fingers.

Dupuytren's Contracture

Knots and cords of tissue in the palm gradually reduce the movement of fingers.

What are the benefits of hand surgery at Skin Surgery Clinic?

Sadly, many people now suffer with treatable hand and wrist conditions for a long time before being able to access treatment.

We also hear that patients expect private treatment will be more expensive than advertised, with costly add-ons and unexpected aftercare fees.

This is not the case at our clinic. We offer:

  • Treatment with one of our specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeons who also work within the NHS
  • In a longstanding, CQC-inspected private clinic
  • Complete treatment packages with no 'upsells'
  • Transparent, affordable pricing 
  • No waiting lists - you can call us six days a week and be booked into a convenient appointment
  • Over 1,100 verified five star reviews
Woman with trigger finger condition on light background, closeup

Hand & Wrist Surgery Treatment prices

All procedures are carried out by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with expertise in hand and wrist procedures.

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Who carries out hand and wrist surgery?

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons have carried out over 27,500 hand and wrist procedures between them.

Our mission is to provide excellent private treatment, with no waiting lists, at sensible prices.

Here are the specialist surgeons who offer hand and wrist treatment at Skin Surgery Clinic:

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